About us

My Name is Alexandra and I’ve been blessed with a lifetime of canine companionship.

My family always had dogs, so I’ve never known a life without them. My parents, ardent admirers of the Boxer breed, instilled in me a deep love for dogs. As a result, they’ve always been a part of my life. When I got my first dog during my law studies, it wasn’t a Boxer, but an American Staffordshire Terrier. In 1995, I embarked on a journey of volunteering as a search and rescue dog handler (for both land and rubble searches). During this time, I grew to know and love the breed in the United States, where they serve as faithful companions to many firefighters in disaster relief efforts.

Seeking a calming counterbalance to my energetic Terrier, we welcomed our first Basset Hound, a male named „Bruno,“ as our second dog in 2005. Since then, we’ve been accompanied by Basset Hounds, but the idea of a calming presence didn’t quite materialize as we’ve always been drawn to the „sporty“ models. Our Basset Hounds are not only our ultimate cuddle bugs but also loyal and enduring companions, joining us on horseback rides and hunting expeditions. So, let me make one thing clear upfront: if you’re looking for a pure „couch potato,“ you’ve come to the wrong place; although, this doesn’t mean that our Basset Hounds don’t appreciate a cozy couch too.

Since 2010, I’ve been actively involved in mantrailing as part of my volunteer work with search and rescue dogs, which has led me to become more acquainted with the Bloodhound breed. However, my first active mantrailing dog wasn’t a Bloodhound but another American Staffordshire Terrier. My beloved female, who passed away in 2023, was an exceptional dog and made significant contributions. When we decided to raise a successor for this field in 2016, it was clear that it had to be a Bloodhound. Thus, since 2016, the Bloodhound breed has also enriched our family. Even back in 2016, our focus was on a healthy and more athletic type, with breed-typical but not exaggerated characteristics.

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