July 13th, 2024 – The puppies at the age of 5 weeks

Now that they have reached their 5th week of life, the puppies have not only used the cooler time of day to play in the evening hours, but have also inaugurated their puppy castle. They also received a visit from “Aunt Bubbles”. Have fun with the cute videos.

If you would like to know which puppy has not yet been assigned, please take a look below at the individual presentation of the puppies at their 4th week of life. It is now marked there which puppies have already found a new family.

July 6th, 2024 – The puppies at the age of 4 weeks (please go for the videos of the puppies to the German version of „Zucht & Rasse – Welpen“)

Today the puppies turned 4 weeks old and it was time again to photograph the puppies individually and share some more information about their development. Furthermore, today was the first day on which the puppies received visits from interested parties, as we allowed visits to the puppies from the 4th week onwards. It was an interesting and very eventful day for the puppies 🙂 They were very open and interested towards strangers and their mother Sina was also totally relaxed and friendly. it was just beautiful to watch.

Mr. Green (sold)

He is still our deeply relaxed “bundle of joy”, but not sluggish. He is always up for cuddling and is very interested in puppy toys. When dealing with his siblings, he is friendly and playful and tends to avoid the really wild fights. His current weight was 3150 g.

Mr. Orange (sold)

Our Mr. Orange is still the petite of the males, but as of today the first impression from week 1 has been confirmed that he is very agile and curious and wants to explore everything new immediately. Mr. Orange and Ms. Red were the first to visit and couldn’t get enough of the cuddles. He is currently more of a playful person when dealing with his siblings, but he doesn’t allow himself to be annoyed either. His weight today was 2450 g.

Mr. Turquoise

With his 2855g measured today, Mr. Turquoise is the middle between Mr. Orange and Mr. Green. A very stylish male who knows what he wants and is quite assertive towards his siblings. Like Mr. Orange, I could imagine him being a great working dog. And — he has proven to be a talented model 🙂

Mrs. Rosa

Our smallest at birth has now become a proud and self-confident dog who, with her current weight of 2630 g, shows a great average mass. The initial assessment that it can prevail remains. Even though she looks so cute in the pictures, she’s certainly a dog who wants more than just the sofa – I would also see her in a family with sporting or hunting ambitions, because Ms. Rosa wants to experience something.

Mrs. Pink

Mrs. Pink still imagines herself as a female bundle of joy and today weighed 2910g. She is a very beautiful, strong and very harmonious dog. In terms of character, she is in no way inferior to Ms. Rosa – the two of them form the Pink/Pink Gang and love to play and fight together. And – just like Mr. Turquoise, a real model talent 🙂 She is already standing there self-confidently in the one picture and at 4 weeks old!

Mrs. Lila (sold)

During the photo shoot today, Ms. Lila decided that she could take it easy and didn’t feel like it 😉 However, that can be excused, as Ms. Lila was able to spend so much time with her new family this morning that she was still able to do it this afternoon was tired. So the first dog child that we have confirmed to a very nice family and that has already found its place. We are very pleased!

Mrs. Red (sold)

Our adventurous and at the same time very people-oriented Ms. Red has developed splendidly and is now a very beautiful and sporty dog ​​at 2470 g. She is very curious, approaches strangers immediately and would like to be petted all the time. She is very agile in the garden and is the one who goes the furthest to explore. Fights with siblings are not her thing.

June 29, 2024 – The puppies at the age of 3 weeks – first visit in the garden 🙂 (please go for the videos of the puppies to the German version of „Zucht & Rasse – Welpen“)

June 22, 2024 – The puppies at the age of 2 weeks (please go for more pictures of the puppies to the German version of „Zucht & Rasse – Welpen“

The puppies continued to develop splendidly in the second week 😊. All of them have now tripled their birth weight or are just a few grams shy of it. All puppies have already opened their eyes (unfortunately a sleepy bunch in the photos 😉) and have been doing so for 2 – 3 days. This morning the puppies were allowed to briefly get to know the surface (wooden floor) outside the whelping box for the first time. Afterwards, Mama Sina gave the puppies a small meal in a cozy basket – but in two installments, as not all of the puppies fit in at once.

June 15th, 2024 – The puppies introduce themselves individually for the first time at the age of 1 week (please go for more pictures of the puppies to the German version of „Zucht & Rasse – Welpen“):

Mr. Green – our first born and currently heaviest bundle of joy 🙂 Birth weight 543g and currently 860g at 1 week – always full and happy!
Mr. Turquoise – also a strong male, but not so heavy than Mr. Green. Birth weight 489g and currently 760g at 1 week – a very relaxed little gentleman!
Mr. Orange – our smallest but by far most agile male. If you put him down somewhere, he immediately starts crawling to where he wants to go. Birth weight 470g and currently at 625g at 1 week.
Mrs. Rosa – our smallest and most delicate at birth. What she lacked in mass she has in assertiveness! Birth weight 382g and today at one week already 660g! No wonder when you push the fattest brothers and sisters aside like a little fighting machine.
Ms. Red – who could currently be described as “the modest one”. She never pushes and just wants to lie close together with her siblings. Birth weight 428g and today at one week at currently 580g – the (too) nice one in the litter.
Ms. Lila – a stronger dog. For me the counterpart to Mr. Turquoise, but a little more agile. Birth weight 470g and today, after a week, already 760g.
Ms. Pink – we end the introduction of the puppies with the last born and the female bundle of joy or the eating machine 😉 Birth weight 406g, which today is already 795g after 1 week. Ms. Pink didn’t even notice that she was placed here on the blanket for the shoot!

! We expect puppies !

Our Basset Hound female „Become The One Panbass“ was bred with the male „Dandy Dane Dos Sete Moinhos“ on April 9, 2024.
We are thrilled to have found such a beautiful and successful stud for our female!

We are looking forward to Sina’s first litter and to your inquiries!

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Planned Bloodhound Litter

We are planning a Bloodhound litter at the beginning of the year 2025 (Scotts Secret Keeper Madge x Georgi von Bertram Knoll Bloodhound-Berlin). If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us.